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Ebac 4250 15ltr Dehumidifier with Smart Control

  • £269.00

The Ebac 4250 15ltr Smart Dehumidifier has a 3.5L water capacity but can be plumbed in directly to a drain and accommodates 2-3 bedroom properties (up to 3 people)

Smart Control is much more sophisticated than humidistats. It monitors the moisture levels in your home and controls the dehumidifier to prevent damp and condensation.

Smart Control automatically measures and remembers the humidity levels in your home. It then automatically switches on the dehumidifier when the levels start to rise and switches off when the humidity levels fall.

Smart Control is far more convenient as it prevents constant manual adjustment and saves up to 30% wasted in running costs. Faster solution to the problem of damp and condensation with lower running costs. (45p per day)

Manufacturers 4 Year (Parts & Labour) Warranty!

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Height - 54.5cm

Width - 34cm

Depth - 26.5cm

Weight - 13.5kg

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