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F'air Probiotic Filter Spray *MVHR Filter Treatment*

F'air Probiotic Filter Spray *MVHR Filter Treatment*

  • £17.00

A revolutionary product to help keep your heat recovery system clean and fresh.
F'air probiotics filter spray ensures a stable, healthy and microbiological environment in your heat recovery system and heat recovery filters. 
It reduces the risk of harmful bacteria and fungi drastically in your indoor climate.
It is 100% organic and environmentally safe - harmless for humans and animals. 
MVHR systems and filters have the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to settle into, and you don't want them in your system.  
Probiotic cleaning is more effective than conventional cleaning . It is not aggressive, non-corrosive and does not cover up dirty and musty odors (created by fungi and bacteria) but it neutralizes them, keeping your system fresher for longer.
Suitable for any model ventilation and air conditioning.  
The f’air probiotics filter spray is suitable for use in all locations where bacteria and fungi are active.
Easy to use, all you need to do is spray the filters before placing them in your MVHR system.
This 200ml can will do multiple applications.

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