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Vectaire MIDI BY-AT +LCD Whole House Heat Recovery Unit

  • £1,075.00

  • very low noise levels - tested by BRE
  • lined with Class "O" fire resistant acoustic foam
  • with summer bypass and frost protection
  • efficient, low energy solution to controlling condensation and pollution in residential properties up to 170m2
  • up to 94% heat exchange efficiency
  • variable choice of low (trickle), boost and purge speed at installation
  • for wall, cupboard or loft installation
  • low running costs
  • complies with Building Regulations Parts L1A 2013 and F 2013
  • manufactured in UK to ISO 9001
  • accurate commissioning via integral touch screen LCD


  • extremely low noise levels
  • up to 95 litre/sec at 50Pa - max 101 litre/sec capacity
  • sfp down to 0.50 W/l/s
  • summer bypass which allows the two airflows to bypass the heat exchanger automatically when internal and external temperatures are between adjustable setpoints.
  • frost-stat - proportionally reduces intake motor speed as temperature falls - activated when the outside temperature between +80C and -30C.
  • run-time and power outage counters
  • easy to install and maintain
  • easy to access G3 filters
  • universal handing for models without humidistat - left or right
  • for fitting vertically into lofts, or cupboards - wall fixing bracket supplied
  • variable low (trickle), boost and purge options for each motor
  • boost speed can be activated by a 230V switched live, or a 0-10V connection from:
    • a light switch (if more than one light switch is used, each one must be a double pole switch)
    • Remote humidistat (230V - DRH240)
    • Passive infra red (230V - PIRFF)
    • Thermostat (230V - THM)
    • Remote switch/pull cord - 230V
  • low running costs
  • 5 year warranty - 1 year parts and labour, 4 years parts only


  • independent variable speed adjustment for each motor for trickle, boost and purge speeds.
  • adjustable boost speed over-run timer from 0 to 30 minutes.
  • adjustable boost speed delay from 0 to 5 minutes.
  • remote purge - adjustable over-run timer from 0 to 250 minutes, pre-set to 15 minutes (adjustable at factory).
  • adjustable night time boost and purge inhibitor.
  • integral frost-stat - proportionally reduces intake motor speed as temperature falls
  • automatic summer bypass


  • change of ductwork handing on humidistat version (trip point can be set at manufacture)
  • integral humidistat - proportionally increases motor speeds with rising humidity
  • 0-10V connections can be added for:
    • BMS - for remote motor shut-off
    • CO2 detector
    • home automation system
  • relay for external pre-heater
  • 3 speed selector switch
  • remote purge
  • purge speed over-run time
  • holiday mode for reduced speeds when property is unoccupied (factory set option)
  • run-time and power outage counters downloadable via QR code


  • compact unit - casing from steel sheet - epoxy paint finish
  • lined with Class "O: fire resistant acoustic foam
  • low energy EC brushless motor with single width, single inlet, direct drive, forward curved impellors
  • operates in temperature up to 60ºC
  • easy to access standard, disposable G3 filters
  • counter flow heat exchanger


  • Part L1A 2013 of Building Regulations for enhanced energy saving capability
  • Part F 2013 of Building Regulations for reliable, efficient ventilation
  • EU RoHS Directive Compliant.
  • Complies with IEC60335-2-80, LVD2006/95/CE and EMC2014/30/UE (European Directive against radio interference and electro-magnetic compatibility
  • manufactured in UK to ISO 9001
  • CE marked
  • SAP PCDB Listed

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