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800 Series DBOX 800 COVER - BAG OF 10

800 Series DBOX 800 COVER - BAG OF 10

  • £8.50

Ubbink DBOX 800 COVER - BAG OF 10

The distribution box is an important part of the air distribution system. It controls the air capacity of the duct runs within the system. To control the air flow per duct run, adjustable air flow restrictors are mounted at the ductwork connections in the distribution box.

  • Superior system performance due to low pressure loss
  • 6, 8, 12, 16 or 24 duct run connections for all possible installations
  • Elimination of cross-talk and HRV-unit sound
  • Multiple mass flow ductwork connection possibilities with EPDM seal-ring and bayonet-locking
  • Easy to clean the system and re-arrange the flow restrictors (renovation)

Please watch the below video for an overview of the 800 series distribution boxes.

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