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Brookvent Airstream ACE 4 x 125dia Spigots MEV Unit (EC Motor)

  • £375.00

The Brookvent Airstream MEV unit is suitable for all wet rooms.

Compact design options to fit attic, service void, and plant room applications.

Continuous running fan ensures removal of indoor pollutants and good IAQ.

Versatile installation to wall, ceiling and floor!

Installing a central extract ventilation system is not only an excellent method of whole house ventilation, it eliminates the requirement for localised and often noisy extractor fans. Additionally no trickle vents are required in the wet rooms and in the habitable rooms they are much smaller than normal. With only one exhaust to atmosphere, the aesthetic integrity of the dwelling facia can be maintained; and with only one fan, it is significantly more cost effective to run than the multiple localized fans mentioned earlier in the paragraph. The Brookvent airstream ACE central extract system ventilates very quietly in the background, constantly removing stale and polluted air. With boost facilities, the Brookvent airstream ACE can quickly and efficiently deal with any peaks in moisture levels or other pollutants.

Fully Controllable with the Airstream ACE Control!

The Airstream ACE controller is a combined status indicator, boost switch and fan speed controller. The innovative ACE controller allows the commissioning engineer to set 3 separate speeds (trickle, boost, purge). Each speed can be set accurately to achieve designed airflows from 10-100% fan speed. The engineering controls are set behind the front cover to allow commissioning within the property. The intuitive controller allows the occupant to simply change between fan speeds from the ACE controller, with a different LED colour and icon for each speed setting -

Trickle - Green

Boost - Blue 

Purge - Purple

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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