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Airthings View Pollution Air Quality Monitor

  • £169.00

More and more people live in polluted cities, asthma cases are rising and wildfire seasons are lengthening. Particulate matter (PM2.5) is the result of many things such as smog, smoke and exhaust and has a major impact on your health. How much PM2.5 is in your home? Understand your family's exposure by monitoring indoor air quality with View Pollution.

View series products are battery operated or use USB plug; wireless and WiFi-connected; work as a hub; include a customizable display; connected to an app (iOS/Android) and online dashboard with full data and reporting.


  • For people living in cities, wildfire areas, or have asthma or allergy issues
  • Measure PM2.5, humidity and temperature
  • App and online dashboard with graphs, notifications and insights
  • View your data anytime, anywhere, with this wireless and WiFi connected device with up to 2 year battery lifetime
  • Customizable display or wave in front of the device to view sensor levels, with simple colour coding
  • When you plug in with the USB cable, View Pollution becomes a Hub, bringing other Airthings devices online.

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