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Brookvent Aircycle 3.1 Digital Floor Mount Whole House MVHR System

  • £1,700.00

The new aircycle 3.1 Heat Recovery Ventilation system HRV comes with award winning technology, unrivalled performance and versatile installation.

With a Specific Fan Power (SFP) down to 0.37 W/l/s and a heat recovery efficiency up to 93% the aircycle 3.1 succeeds in balancing the trade-off between airflow, efficiency and acoustic performance, offering a system that delivers true comfort ventilation for the end user.

Core features include:

  • Up to 92% heat recovery efficiency
  • Down to 0.42 W/l/s specific fan power
  • 4 Airflow modes (100% variable): Night, General, Boost, Purge
  • Programmable 25%+ boost setting
  • Remote digital control
  • Status & airflow mode Indication
  • Fault alert
  • Hours run meter
  • 230V Auto-boost compatible
  • Integral humidistat
  • Automated frost protection
  • Automatic Summer bypass, 100%

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