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Brookvent Airplus Loft with Heater PIV

  • £475.20

Airplus is a loft mounted ultra-quiet, low energy, low maintenance, home ventilation unit.The unit is designed to help ventilate a home using the well-established Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) principle. PIV units have been preventing and curing condensation and dampness related problems in homes for decades They are also used to control other indoor air pollutants and have even proven to an effective means for reducing Radon gas.

This version is equipped with a 500W heater with a dedicated controller.

  • Reduces condensation
  • Energy savings,
  • Improved heat distribution
  • reduce mould growth
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • No additional ducting required
  • Integral, multi-functional controls
  • These controls include:
    • 10 fan speeds
    • Automatic Heat Recovery mode
    • Summer stand-by mode
  • Robust metal fan casing built to last
  • Easy installation with fixing eyelets as part of the fan body.
  • Suitable for floor or suspended installation (optional).

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