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Brookvent Aircycle 4.1 Wall Mount Whole House MVHR System

  • £1,700.00

  • Suitable for medium to large dwellings and apartments
  • Suitable for houses up to 285m²
  • Up to 93% heat recovery efficiency
  • Down to 0.43 W/l/s specific fan power
The aircycle 4.1 operates by efficiently recovering heat from the air extracted from wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen etc.) that would normally be expelled to the atmosphere.
This heat is then transferred to the fresh air being drawn into the system, which is then filtered and distributed throughout the habitable rooms (living room, bedroom etc.).
The aircycle 4.1 can significantly reduce the space heating demand of a property whilst also delivering a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for the occupier.
This model has a summer bypass fitted.
Dimensions: H 857mm x W 816mm x D 581mm
Weight: 29kg
• Main enclosure: High density, impact resistant EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)
• PCB & control panel enclosure: ABS FR
• Drainage tray: PP
• Filters: Polyester media (G2 up to G4)
• Filter cover: Rubber
• Mounting Bracket: Zinc Plated Steel
• Fan Scrolls: ABS
• 230v EC Low energy, backward curved centrifugal fans
• PCB c/w potentiometer control
• Supplied complete with 4 core flying lead: (Live: Brown), (Neutral: Black),
(Earth: Yellow & Green), (230v Switched Live (Boost): Grey)
• Plug and play components for easy maintenance
• Independent fan speed control (Trickle and boost settings for each fan)
• Single 230v boost input (Light switch, humidistat, PIR, etc.)
• Boost over-run timer, adjustable between 0 - 15 min.
• In-built humidity sensor (Boost activation) Variable: 60% - 100% RH, factory set: 70%
• Frost protection, factory set at 5 Degrees Cel.
• Tempering summer bypass (Automatic variation between
20 - 27 Degrees Cel.)
Fully complies with Building Regulations for UK & Ireland
SAP Appendix Q Listed | Energy Savings Trust Best Practice | CE
Guarantee Period: 5 Years

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