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Domus D-dMEV 150 - 6" Extract Fan with Humidistat and Timer

  • £121.00

Domus Ventilation D-dMEV range are a single flow decentralised mechanical ventilation unit for continuous running. Perfect for kitchen/bathroom/toilet and small/medium size rooms, the D-dMEV extracts stale air directly to the outside providing a comfortable indoor living space. Ideal application in wall/panel, ceiling, and window installation.

- Aesthetic front flat cover for modern interior design, easily removed for cleaning without the need of tools
- High quality casing providing long lasting shock-proof case
- Unique winglet-type impeller providing enhanced air supply at a very low noise level (D-DMEV150 Max 35 - Min from <9 dba)
- Low power consumption
- Multi speed selection
- Tested to the latest standard

AIR FLOW (l/s) - Max 52 / Min 8

POWER CONSUMPTION (w) - Max 6.5 / Min 1


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