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Elta FLUX HR 100 (4") Single Room Heat Recovery with optional remote switch

Elta FLUX HR 100 (4") Single Room Heat Recovery with optional remote switch

  • £330.00

The Elta FLUX HR100 is a heat recovery unit, designed to ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed environments without energy losses. efficient reversible EC motor with integral thermal protection, mounted on sealed for life high quality ball bearings.

Designed for continuous running. Regenerative heat exchanger with ceramic core; high thermal efficiency (up to 90%). 

Alternate flow with flow reversal approx. every 70 seconds.

The unit should operate continuously, and only stopped for maintenance or service. When heat exchange is not useful (for example in midseason - when indoor and outdoor temperatures are similar), or when heat exchange is not recommended (for example with the option “summer free cooling”), or it is requested to increase the acoustic comfort, or in case of extreme weather conditions (for example with strong wind or exceptionally rigid temperatures), it is recommended to set the unit in extract only mode (eventually at minimum speed) and NOT to switch it off.

Optional user control for use with the Elta Quantum HR100 and Elta Quantum HR150 Single Room Heat Recovery units.
  • Allows user to choose different speeds.
  • Allows user to overide Heat Retention Function (ideal for summer).
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can be used to control 1-4 units.


5 year parts warranty as standard.

Energy Rating


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