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Elta MORI WMF 100mm Grey Weatherproof Multi-Functional Sub-Floor Ventilation Fan

  • £360.00

The MORI WMF is a 100mm weatherproof, multi-functional fan unit for use when an easy accessed, externally mountable, continuously running ventilation fan is required e.g. to provide sub-floor ventilation.

Many sub-floor spaces have insufficient natural ventilation with the only option to provide some form of mechanical Ventilation to the space.

The MORI WMF was specifically designed for such applications. The combination of wide airflows and various control modes provides the sub-floor ventilation system designer with much choice and flexibility.

Helping to provide humidity control, Radon gas control and air movement in hard to naturally-ventilate sub-floor spaces


The integral controls provided as standard allow for the fan to be set at installation stage to operate at 3 different speeds/airflows and, at each speed/airflow, to operate in supply mode, extract mode or alternate flow mode with the fan automatically switching itself between supply and extract modes every 70 seconds.

When set up to provide automatic alternate flow, the fan can be set to start on either supply or extract mode when connected to the mains power. This allows multiple units to be “synchronised” with each other if required to ensure as one or more units supply air, the other unit or units extract air, with operating modes of each fan alternating every 70 seconds.

Manufacturers 1 year warranty, 4 years Mouldstop Parts Only Warranty

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