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F'air Probiotic Power MVHR Maintenance Kit *Clean Your MVHR System - No Chemicals*

F'air Probiotic Power MVHR Maintenance Kit *Clean Your MVHR System - No Chemicals*

  • £35.00

Dirt, mold, dust mites and harmful bacteria build up in the filters, ducts and valves. 
As well as the regular replacement of filters, cleaning the heat recovery system is necessary for proper functioning and keeping an healthy indoor climate. 
F'air probiotic power maintenance kit is a complete cleaning solution based on probiotics against mould, dust mites and bacteria. 
It helps to keep your system and duct work in good condition for a healthier indoor climate.
Contains the following products:
1 x F'air Power probiotic foam cleaner (for cleaning the heat exchanger)
1 x F'air probiotic protect gel (for probiotically treating the heat exchanger after cleaning)
1 x F'air probiotic filter spray (for probiotically treating the MVHR filters)
  • For the removal of pollutants within the MVHR unit and ductwork
  • Power probiotic foam cleaner designed for more heavily soiled systems
  • More effective than conventional chemical cleaners
  • Removes dust, mold and dirt deep in your system
  • Non-aggressive, non-corrosive.
  • 100% safe for humans and animals.
  • Neutralises bad musty odors caused by fungi and bacteria
  • For long-term protection
  • For a much healthier indoor climate
  • 100% Organic and therefore environmentally friendly
  • Can be used on any model of MVHR where the heat exchanger is removed to be cleaned
PLEASE NOTE - This product can NOT be used on any sealed heat recovery unit where the heat exchanged can NOT be removed.
If you are unsure please contact us before purchasing.

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