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Manthorpe Felt Lap Vent *AVAILABLE IN 10, 20 OR 50*

Manthorpe Felt Lap Vent *AVAILABLE IN 10, 20 OR 50*

  • £28.99

Our Felt Lap Vents are a refurbishment product designed to increase the amount of ventilation into existing roof spaces. 

Usually fitted retrospectively to properties with additional loft insulation recently installed, however the Felt Lap Vent will help to combat the problem of condensation build up in any roof space with a lapped felt/membrane construction.
These can also be used to increase airflow in the roof space to enable PIV systems to work effectively.

Note: You many notice some small flecks or blemishes visible on your felt lap vents. This is because we use recycled content to manufacture these products as part of our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. Please be assured this does not impact the performance of the product.

Scan the QR code attached to the Felt Vents in order to get the fitting instructions.

  • 3,000mm² airflow per G630
  • Can be fitted at joist centres ranging from 400mm to 600mm
  • Easy to fit, the tapered lead in helps to slot the product between the felt laps
  • The 3 felt clips help secure the product in place even if the edge of the felt is degraded

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