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Peko SD-1700 Drying Cabinet

  • £1,050.00


An extremely versatile unit for drying all household laundry, sports and leisure wear. The SD-1700 drying cabinet also provides ample airing cupboard storage space. The electrically heated cabinet is ideal for drying delicate and mixed fabrics, woollens and silk garments etc. with suitable temperatures in conditions that are kind and gentle to your clothes. The cabinet also offers a convenient method of drying rain soaked outdoor and leisure clothes. This model is supplied with an electronic controller featuring both energy saving automatic programmes with sensor drying, and manual time control drying programmes.

BENEFITS Space saving, economic to use with heat recirculation system, easy to use, simple to install, clean and maintain. Convenient airing cupboard storage. Suitable for robust and delicate fabrics.

FEATURES An ergonomic hanging rail system with three sets of rails, equivalent to 16m of hanging space, that can slide outwards to assist the loading process. The middle and lower position rails are hinged so that they can be folded back to allow longer garments to hang freely from the upper set of rails. The three rails fitted to the inside door panel are useful for hanging small items e.g. gloves and socks. Service and maintenance can be carried out simply by removing the heater cartridge with the cabinet permanently fixed to the wall. The cabinet door hinges can be reversed to suit left- or right-hand opening.

INSTALLATION The cabinet is supplied ready for connection to the mains power supply with a UK type 3 pin plug, fuse rated at 10 amps. Ventilation to outside atmosphere is recommended. Two spigot adaptors and a short length of 100mm flexible ducting hose are supplied; additional material is readily available from most builders merchants and DIY outlets. The ducting is fitted to the top of the cabinet. Separate ducting may not be necessary if the room is fitted with an existing permanent extraction system. The power supply point should be located above or to the side of the cabinet, as the unit must be securely fixed to a solid wall.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Features a range of automatic time control drying programmes, and manual time control functions, with additional fan only drying at ambient room temperature.
All heat cycles incorporate a 10 minute cool down period. Safety overheat protection is standard.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a special order product and may not be in stock at the time of ordering due to the manufacturing process. Please contact us for availability.


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