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Systemair CD4 Control Panel *For VTR and VSR MVHR Units, Genuine Systemair Part*

Systemair CD4 Control Panel *For VTR and VSR MVHR Units, Genuine Systemair Part*

  • £145.00

Control panel for the SAVE and VR MVHR units. If you are unsure about which units this will fit, please contact us.

SAVE VTR/VTC units for wall mounting are delivered with a built-in control panel. 
The separate control panel CD, is used to the SAVE VSR units to remotely control the units.

Airflow and supply air temperature is set from one or more control panel(s). Symbol and text in the display indicate chosen settings; re-heater on, summer operation and time for filter change. Commissioning of airflow on supply and extract on each step is set from the CD panel. Timer function, for automatic change between day and night operation (installations in commercial buildings) is integrated. Alarms will indicate possible malfunctions and ensure safe and energy efficient operation.

The CD panel is connected to the unit by means of cable with quick connectors (modular plugs), alternatively via 4-pole terminal block. Diverging plugs to be used for fitting of more than one control panel.

  • User friendly control panel for choice of airflow and supply air temperature
  • Symbol and text in the LCD-display indicate chosen settings
  • Optional connection via modular plugs or terminal block
  • The unit can be operated from several control panels
  • Commissioning of supply and extract airflow on each step
  • Timer function
  • Alarm indicates possible malfunction and time for filter change
  • Start-up wizard

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