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Systemair SAVE VTR 150 White Heat Recovery System *MVHR Unit*

Systemair SAVE VTR 150 White Heat Recovery System *MVHR Unit*

  • £2,725.00

  • High efficiency variable speed rotary heat exchanger
    • Moisture transfer function with automatic freezing regulation
    • Energy efficient RadiCal-fans, with modern EC technology
    • Separate settings of supply and extract air flow
    • Start-up wizard for easy commissioning
    • Modern design with integrated cooker hood
    • Automatic change to summer operation (without heat recovery)
    • Demand control regulation as standard by the built-in humidity sensor
    • Low sound level
    • Modbus communication via RS-485


SAVE VTR 150/K has an integrated cooker hood and should be placed above the hob. The unit has been adapted to suit different kitchen environments, with a modern design. The unit is double skinned, fully insulated and with complete control functions, high efficiency rotating heat exchanger wtih a moisture transfer function which regulates the rotation speed of the rotor due to freezing and moisture transfer back to supply air. Thermostat operated re-heater battery and filters. Energy efficient fans with EC motors will reduce energy consumptions. With these, up to 50% less energy consumption can be achieved in comparison to AC solutions and with the noise behavior decreased by one-half. Modern technology gives low SFP factor (Specific Fan Power).


SAVE VTR 150/K is adapted for ventilation of smaller houses and apartments with an area of 100 m² . The extract air from the cooker hood is being by-passed, hence the heat exchanger is not being exposed to extract air from the kitchen.


The integrated kitchen hood has push buttons for the damper, forcing and lighting. The damper is opened during food preparation by pushing the button once. Pushing it another time will force the ventilation and a third time will close the ventilation damper in the cooker hood and the unit will go back to normal.

Commissioning of the unit will be done from one or more CD control panels. A start-up wizard will make the commissioning easier, which can avoid that the unit is running at wrong conditions. Symbols and text in the display will indicate chosen settings; Supply air temperature and fan speed. Commissioning of airflow on supply and extract, will be done at start-up but can be set from the menu settings as well. Timer-function for automatic change between day and night operation is integrated. Setting of filter period is also available. Alarm signal will indicate possible malfunctions.

The CD panel also has a user level for authorized installers and service personnel. The CD panel is connected to the unit by means of cable with quick connectors (modular plugs), at the top of the unit.


The unit is provided with outputs for control of external hot water or cooling battery and comes with built-in humidity sensor in extract air that enables demand control regulation with respect to moisture. It also has functions availably for external demand control that gives effective and economical operation. For instance, CO2, presence or humidity sensor.


The unit is delivered with supply air filter M5 and extract air filter M5. Option for F7 supply air filter is available.


Note: No continuous ventilation through the cooker hood


PLEASE NOTE: This item may take slightly longer than the shipping time described as they are made to order. Please contact us for further details.

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