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Vectaire PPF9/HC PIV (Whole House Ventilation With Heater)

Vectaire PPF9/HC PIV (Whole House Ventilation With Heater)

  • £549.00

  • POSITIVE INPUT VENTILATION for small, medium or large domestic properties
  • Whole House Ventilation System
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Quick Fit Installation
  • Positive pressure ventilation provides effective, draught free ventilation and prevents condensation forming
  • Easy to install - the PPF9 can be used both in the refurbishment of older properties where condensation is a particular problem as well as in new build.
  • The PPF9 introduces tempered air, drawn in through the loft, to create a positive pressure in the building.
  • Tempered, filtered, fresh air enters the living areas from the fan, via a short length of flexible ducting, through a discreet ceiling mounted diffuser.
  • The fresh air circulates throughout the building giving draught-free ventilation and eventually dissipating through openings around the property.
  • The PPF9 runs continuously to provide a constant background air change and maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.
  • Since the moisture content of the air outside is normally lower than that indoors, the level of humidity is reduced, helping to eliminate the damaging effects of condensation.
  • The noise levels are extremely low.
  • 2 year warranty - 1 year parts and labour, 1 year parts only


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