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Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Multivent MVDC-MS (MEVDC)

  • £245.00

The MVDC-MS unit from Vent-Axia features three fully variable speeds: normal, boost and purge. The unit can extract up to 118l/s and has 7 years warranty. The digital display allows installers to accurately set airflow, ensuring exactly the right ventilation rate. Accurate speed control helps minimise noise and energy consumption.

• Recognised in SAP PCDB with best in class Specific Fan Power
• Reduces your carbon footprint
• Fitted with three extract 125 diameter spigots allowing quick connection to ducts
• Complies with Building ADF (System 3)
• Option of wall, ceiling and loft mounting
• Improved controllability
• Two Switched Live connections
• Fully variable normal, purge and boost speeds
• Ultra quiet

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