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Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon NBR dMEVe HT 100mm (474497A)

Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon NBR dMEVe HT 100mm (474497A)

  • £79.99

Continuous running, constant volume dMEV range with switched live (LS) and innovative digital display and harmonised control platform. Quiet running and with high pressure development, the dMEV is best in class. The unique patented display provides the calibrated installed airflow and pressure meaning that there is no need to test the installation with an airflow measuring device. The constant volume technology automatically adjusts the speed of the fan to ensure the desired airflow is delivered. A silent high pressure axial impeller means Lo-Carbon dMEV can meet the requirements of many domestic installations without the need to use a traditional centrifugal fan. A brand new control platform also provides fully adjustable airflow in 1l/s increments, meaning wholehouse rates can be achieved easily using fewer fans than is currently possible with any other dMEV product on the market.

Longer Duct Runs

The unit has three fixed trickle speeds of 6l/s, 7l/s or 8l/s and two fixed boost speeds of 13l/s or 14l/s.

Delivered with 7 year warranty, a spirit level for easy installation and IPX5 rated so the unit can be installed in Zone 1.

This model incorporates an adjustable (40% - 90%) ambient response humidistat. The fan will increase the extract rate if the humidity rises above the point set at installation.

The DMEVe 100mm is recognised in SAP PDCB, NHBC and STAS approved.

• Market leading efficiency
• Digital controls with display
• Fully adjustable normal & boost airflow settings
• 100mm & 125mm model
• Recognised in SAP PCDB
• Constant volume
• Display showing airflow and system pressure
• Switched live connection for external switches/sensors
• IPX5 rated
• Multi-orientation grille
• NHBC Approved
• STAS Approved (Scotland)
• Airflow sensor models UKAS calibrated

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