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Vent Axia Low Carbon NBR 100mm Round DMEV Extrator Fan (498096)

Vent Axia Low Carbon NBR 100mm Round DMEV Extrator Fan (498096)

  • £79.99

  • Continuously running 100mm dMEV with sleek circular design
  • Designed to comply with the latest Building Regulations Parts L1A and F 2021
  • SAP PCDB listed with SFP’s down to 0.08 W/l/s
  • Near silent operation independently tested
  • IPX5 rated, wall and ceiling mounted Zones 1, 2 and 3
  • Low ceiling void - 56mm (100mm spigot) 
  • Easy to commission, fully adjustable variable control platform
  • Intelligent humidistat option with proportional speed increase and timer
  • Comfort control option
  • 7 year warranty

Increased whole ventilation rates, should not mean increased noise levels. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C fan, available in 100mm and 125mm, provides adequate ventilation whilst minimising noise.

The fan is designed in line with the Approved Document F 2021 Building Regulations, meeting the increased whole house ventilation rates.

The minimum whole dwelling ventilation rate for the supply air should meet the higher of the two following result:

  • A minimum rate of 0.3l/s per m2 of internal floors area
  • A minimum rate determined by the number of bedroom, as per Table 1.3

Nuisance tripping has also been minimised within the fan logic. The integral humidity sensor versions have functionality that allows for proportional speed increase up to 85% relative humidity (RH) before enabling Boost. 

The Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C is complete with IPX5 rating, allowing flexible installation within Zone 1, 2 and 3.

A back pressure detection system option is available, to Boost if the system pressure increase momentarily due to external wind conditions. A silent mixed flow impeller means the Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C can meet the requirements of many domestic installations without the need to use a traditional centrifugal fan.

A brand new control platform also provides fully adjustable airflow, meaning wholehouse rates can be achieved easily using fewer fans.

Comfort Control Option
Designed to offer a more relaxing environment to the homeowner, the Lo-Carbon NBR dMEV C features a delayed start. This patented comfort control option allows the homeowner to enjoy a quiet, peaceful bathroom for up to 20 minutes before the Boost activates. Furthermore, if the light switch turns On and Off within three minutes, the Boost will not activate. No more disturbing the family if the bathroom light is turned on during the night.  

Near Silent Operation
The fan has been designed to be as discreet as possible for homeowners, with independently tested sound levels as low as 7.4dB(A).

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