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125mm Ventilex DVLI 125 Air Supply Valve *Systemair Supplied Part*

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Systemair 125mm Ventilex DVLI 125 RU supply valve.
This is the supply valve as specified by Systemair and used in the majority of their MVHR systems.

Supply air device DVLI is a circular disc valve with an aerodynamic shaped throttling device. 
It can be ceiling-mounted or alternatively wall mounted and has good qualities regarding sound level, air resistance (pressure drop), air flow and self damping. 
The design of the valve together with a seal of moltopren prevents the ceiling and walls to get dirty. 
Material and surface finish - 
VLI is made of impact-resistant white karbamid and propen with a dirt-resistant surface. 
The material withstands temperatures up to 100° C and also most chemical substances in small concentrations. Standard colour is White NCS S 0502-Y, gloss 70 equivalent to RAL-9010. 
Adjustment - 
The cone is adjusted out or in by the number of revolutions necessary to provide the orifice opening in mm corresponding to the pressure drop and the desired air flow according to the graph. 
The pressure drop is controlled by conducting a suitable test probe into the front. 
Care - 
The device can be cleaned with a a cloth moistened with a mild synthetic cleaning or washing agent.

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